Do you have a web site now? Is this a first site or an "upgrade / redesign"?


What other items have you included in your marketing program -- i.e. Print Advertising? Radio/TV? Brochures? Direct Mail? Affinity Programs?


What objectives do you want your web site to accomplish -- i.e. Inform/educate? Raise awareness? Produce qualified leads? Give you a leg up on the competition?


Who is your target market? What audience will be looking at this web site? Who do you WANT to be looking at this web site?


What do you want them to think / feel / do as a result of touring your web site?


How do you envision people finding your web site -- i.e. searching the Internet, seeing your web site address on your signs / print ads / coupons?


What are your current sales channels -- direct & indirect? How do you receive most of your new customers today? (Word of mouth/referral; advertising…)


Have you looked at what your competition is doing in the way of web marketing?


Are there any sites that you particularly like, or dislike, in the way of:

- Visual / aesthetics
- Easy to navigate
- Kinds of content displayed

(This is helpful in the web designers understanding your taste.)
What kind of information / content do you plan on having on your web site?


Do you have photos and/or graphics that you also want to include or will you need the designers to create some for you?


Are there multiple departments / division who will be contributing to the content of this site? Is there a single "project manager" designated to help in coordinating all of this input?


As another extension of your current marketing program, your web site must be consistent. What kind of image are you striving to portray today, as the web site design will need to reflect this.


Once the initial design is published to the Internet, how frequently do you anticipate needing to change it? (If changes will be daily, you will want to hire a webmaster to own this part of your marketing program. If less frequently -- i.e. weekly, monthly, ad lib, then you may wish to enter into a "maintenance contract" with the web design company who does initial design.


What kind of budget have you set aside for this site?
Do you have a deadline for when you would like your web site up and on the Internet for the world to see?


From a cost perspective, the design charge is the bulk of it, but the other components involved include:

- Monthly web hosting charge and initial set-up fee
- Domain Name / RealName charges
- Ongoing search engine registration / submissions


Recommendation: Thank You letters from customers / testimonials should always be included on your web site. It is a very powerful thing for prospective customers to read about how wonderful you are from those who have already worked with you….

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