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Web Hosting For customers who desire their own domain (recommended for businesses for marketing / "branding" reasons), Angel Web Design is partnered with some excellent hosting companies with a screaming-fast connection to the Internet where we get hosting space at wholesale rates. Most small business web sites fall into the $35/month category. Monthly charges may be more if web site exceeds 50MBps in size.

Check out the hosting packages available.

Host Your Web Site

*For simple web sites (under 2MBps in size), it is often possible to host them for free with the Internet Service Provider where you have your personal email account (AOL, Angelfire,Christhost, etc.). In this case there is simply a one-time $65 set-up fee to publish your site and no monthly hosting charges. Note: With this type of service you cannot have your own domain name -- rather a sub-domain such as www.christhost.com/yourusername.

Domain Name Registration

***$70 of the total is billed to you directly by Internic . You may check availability of domain name or at www.netsol.com This "buys" your name for 2 years. After that you will be billed $35/year by Network Solutions.As your hosting service we take care of this for you.

Web Site Maintenance

Most web sites need to be updated periodically to reflect: Price changes New products Updated events schedules...etc.

Angel Web Design works with each individual customer to determine how often their web site needs to be updated. Pricing for such updates on how often the frequency and complexity of the changes, which is why the pricing quoted in the table below are estimates, for your budgeting purposes. Exact pricing will be quoted by Angel Web Design during initial consultation, and outlined in the contract.

Search Engine Registration GO Here

Registering your site with the major search engines is critical to the success of your web site as a marketing tool, since over 80% of web sites are found through a search engine. Angel Web Design includes initial submission of your site with the major search engines as a part of our design service. We will educate you on how to do follow-up submissions on your own. Depending on the nature of your business, it may be wise to re-submit your site on a regular basis to increase the chances of it ranking high against competitors.